Get Out | Have Fun

In the Spring, we have a series of Spring Retreats planned.

From Advent through Pentecost, we as a liturgical church spend time thinking about the ever existing One, His advent, ministry, death, resurrection, ascension, and gift of the Holy Spirit. It by nature is a time with long periods of thoughtfulness.

Often teens find stepping away for a few moments of introspection difficult.  To help create a space for God to speak with teens, St. Michael’s Student Ministry is providing short spaces of spiritual retreat for each Community Group.

Lenten Lock-In – 5th and 6th Grades

This event is meant to introduce the rising 6th graders into the life of our group.  The hosts are Dory and Gil.

Our evening begins at 5:30 on Friday, March 1 and wraps up at 10 in the morning on Saturday.  The cost is $10 if you are not a host. If you are a host student, the cost is free.

Abide –  Dory

This multi-generational retreat is being hosted by __________.  Moms are encouraged but not required to be with your daughter this weekend. We will explore what it means to abide in Christ and He in us.  Arrive around 5:30 on Friday, April12 and we’ll wrap-up by 3:30 on Saturday, April 13.  Cost is $20.

Gil – Awakenings

We have highly energetic 6th and 7th grade boys. The Student Ministry is partnering with the men’s group and Chris Warner to head up the Edisto for a weekend kayaking and camping trip. The cost is $150 and April 12-14.

Jesus Weekend – Marlin

This Diocesan event, February 15-17 is designed for students in 8th and 9th grades.  It is a weekend with other teens from around the Diocese centered on loving God. The cost is $120.

Crush the Groundhog – Crush

Often the members of Crush have more questions than we have time to think through on Tuesday evenings.  To cover some of these questions we are meeting at the Griffith’s beach house on IOP Feb 1 at 5:00pm & heading home around noon on Feb 2. The cost is $20.


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