Madison’s Thoughts on our Mission Adventure

P1010148On July 13th, 12 members of the youth group along with seven adult chaperones flew to Guatemala City. Once in Guatemala we were taken to the Oasis, a home for the orphaned or abused girls.

Our time at Kids Alive Guatemala was awesome. Not only did we get to work together as a team to help accomplish something special for these girls, but we became extremely close with our group and the few years of age difference were diminished.

Monday thru Friday were long hard days of working at the construction site. The new house we were building is designed for girls who had reached the age of 18 at the Oasis to then move into a new place to develop more responsibility and freedom.

I am proud to say that I now know how to rebar, pull out nails, clean wood, make concrete, and lay cinder blocks. I can say on behalf of the team that our arm muscles have gotten bigger. It was a lot of work but so rewarding, especially because you knew afterwards you were going to go back to the Oasis compound to play with cards, go on the trampoline, or battle it out on the soccer field with the girls. My experience in Guatemala was fantastic.

I miss it already and I want to go back next summer with St. Michaels.



One thought on “Madison’s Thoughts on our Mission Adventure

  1. Madison – You are a blessing to Mary Frances and she enjoyed spending time with you! You are one of the only seniors she knows that will even socialize with an “underling”!! Like she said…..she is not scared of you! 🙂 May God take this experience and grow it into His plans for you in a way you could never imagine!! Blessings, Mrs. Stuckey

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