A day in Antigua and other Photos


We left yesterday morning for church in Antigua. We drove from about 7000 feet to 4000 feet in 20 minutes! The church is located in the cobbled streets of the old city.

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It is a dual language church.  Everyone was amazed by the ease that the songs flowed from English to Spanish and back again.  Everyone tried singing in Spanish, but we realized it took so much mental energy to do it that we couldn’t sing and clap at the same time.

After church we drove to a coffee plantation and had a buffet lunch.  It was amazing!  We got to see how coffee plants grow and wonder at the plants that shade them  parts of the year.

Following that we came back to the old city proper to shop and sight see. Our group went to the ruins of the cathedral built in the 1500’s.  It was jarring to see that the Mayan priests use the catacombs for rituals.  They also leave offerings of money and flower at the tomb of the conquistador. The Catholics light candles at the same tomb.  It was an odd feeling.

We went into the only part of the cathedral still standing, the “chapel” where we saw that they had retractable projector screens mounted in the 400 year old building and a beautiful chapel to focus on Christ’s sacrifice for us.

Everyone learned to haggle and came away from their shopping feeling like they had gotten a great deal on their gifts.

Our evening meal was at an amazing restaurant in the middle of the old city.  Andrew had a dish that included pork tongue.  No one would try it. He declared it amazing.  Everyone else devoured their meals and speciality drinks.



3 thoughts on “A day in Antigua and other Photos

  1. I have loved the commentary and pictures on this trip. I am so pleased that the group has so much quality time with the Oasis girls. And Antigua looks amazing! Blessings to all as you begin construction!!! Beth Stuckey

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