We’ve arrived in our 7000 foot home.  It is wonderful – palatial actually.  They are really taking care of us.  Our flight was uneventful.  We met a group in Atlanta traveling to Guatemala City, and we ran into three other mission teams heading to different places in Guatemala upon arrival in Guatemala City. Wow!

Our bodies are working on adjusting to the 2 hour time difference and the altitude. – We are doing that by playing a rousing game of soccer with the girls right now!

Our wake-up time is 6:00 (first call) and 6:15 (the snooze alarm)!  There were wide eyes round when we announced our time table.  We’ve divided our tasks so that groups are responsible for breakfast protein creation and clean-up, trash and floor duty, morning prayer leader, dinner clean-up, and games masters.

We will be heading out to the work site at 7:50 and work until 4:00.

After that it’s game time – soccer is a deep favorite of the girls here.  We’ll go for walks as a group through the neighborhood and up the hill to the small town 10 minutes away.

Dinner is around 6 – and the girls from the Oasis are making it for us!

Evening Devotions and our 3 is Enough Bible study will happen from seven to eight.  We wind-up the day by 10 with the option to go to bed when ever one is tired – I think some of the adults are thinking 8  is going to be good.

This is more than we could have hoped for a host facility.  God is helping us find out our talents and work well as adults so we can model community for the teens.

See you all tomorrow,


PS: photos tomorrow.


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