We want to apologize. – Updated

Update:  As of 4:22pm, the issue of ads being place on our blog has been resolved.  Thank your for your understanding.

I want to apologize for the ads that are shown at the end of this latest post.  We just discovered them today with the newest post. In fact as administrators (people who can post to the site) Justin and I do not receive ads. We feel that ads sliding into the site through the backdoor without informing the hosts is poor business policy. WordPress has made it very difficult to report ads as inappropriate. If you have “Ad Blocker, ” this may be an immediate help.  We are working to quickly resolve this issue.



2 thoughts on “We want to apologize. – Updated

  1. No worries, EV and Justin. Hope this hasn’t caused too much stress for y’all. Praying for you both as this is such a blessed and vital ministry. (Creepy ads… is that all the enemy has got? He’s so unimaginative.) J

    In Christ,

    Beth Webb Hart

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